The vast majority of our patients travel long distances to visit us in the Baja California, Mexico region to receive our unmatched services.

Approximately 85% of our patients come from Canada and the United States while the rest proceed from Mexico, the Caribbean, Africa and the Middle East. We have one the highest satisfaction rates in the industry and below is what some of our patients have to say about us:

I decided to look for alternative options because I have had severe back problems and, within our Canadian medical systems, the wait times were too long and my pain was unbearable.

Before visiting BajaOrtho I researched Dr. Eliseo Mora Sanchez credentials and history on the Internet. My mind was made up I needed help for my herniated discs. The treatment was successful. I left home in a wheelchair and came back after my Ozone Discolysis walking fine.

I had a very positive experience overall. Since my initial contact with BajaOrtho to the Airport pick-up in San Diego and transportation within Tijuana. I can't forget the staff, caring. Then I met Dr. Eliseo Mora Sanchez and he explained the procedure and I was good to go, confident that I had come to the right place. When I was in the Dr.'s presence I became totally at ease he had that calming effect on me.

I have already recommended Dr. Eliseo Mora Sanchez and his clinic, I boast about my successful treatment. Initially David Mora played a major role in my decision-making to proceed and made all arrangements for all appointments to flow smoothly, to this day he still remains in touch with me. Very comforting.
—  Mary Braun (Alberta, Canada – Ozone Discolysis)

The wait list in Canada was too long to receive treatment for my ankle problem and my pain was unbearable. My biggest fear in looking for alternative options was the unknown. I went to a foreign country with a foreign language, so it was intimidating. The care was wonderful and professional, and I returned home very satisfied and happy that I made the decision to go out of country.

The satisfaction I feel today is enormous in knowing I made a good decision and returned home after a successful surgical procedure. I would recommend BajaOrtho’s services to anyone and I would advice them to communicate directly with your office and allow your clinic to present the best option for his particular case. The communication would ease any fears or doubts, and I would encourage him to make the trip.
—  Brad Bonar (Port Alberni, BC Canada – Ankle Reconstruction)

I had had excruciating pain in my knee for several years and the long wait lists for surgeries in Canada made this a very simple and easy decision despite of the complexity of the surgery.

After speaking directly to BajaOrtho I got over my fears that the surgery would not work and that there would be complications. So far I have not experienced any complications and I am undergoing physiotherapy to regain full mobility in my new knee.
—  Ronald Spafford (Red Deer, AB Canada – Total Knee Replacement)

Prior to finding BajaOrtho my knee had failed me several years ago. I was on a waiting list for a consultation for over 9 months at that point and I wanted to find a high quality medical care that was also affordable. BajaOrtho was exactly what I was looking to and I am very glad I found them.

Quite frankly, I found BajaOrtho no different than the 'care' we receive in Canada. In Canada I have to travel at least 6 hours to find a surgeon, I don't know them on a personal level, and you only have the word of other people to go on as to how good the doctor is. I can honestly say the only thing I should have done differently was learn more Spanish to make my experience more memorable and enjoyable. This wasn't an issue though as Dr. Mora and the BajaOrtho staff made sure someone was about who spoke English.

My experience was very positive, especially the people. Everyone I met was definitely worth meeting, good folks all around. I have recommended BajaOrtho to a lot of my friends, all I have to tell them is: “Quit messing about with the doctors in Canada. Just go, they'll fix you. Even if you have to take out a loan, go."
—  Donald Sewell (Alberta, Canada – Total Knee Replacement)

I am glad I found BajaOrtho and I had crippling pain in my left hip and was getting to the point that even a short walk to the mailbox, twenty yards was an adventure. My daughter in law is from Mexico and I had been in the country before and as far as medical or dental care there I felt very comfortable with the services there. After all I currently live in the US where the third leading cause of death is the health care system.

The staff and the facilities are great. BajaOrtho is a boutique surgery center so there is less exposure to infection like you would get in a large hospital and you also receive a one-to-one nurse attention. The surgery went well and I recovered rapidly. Furthermore, the cost savings can not be beat, I saved at least $40,000 compared to what I would have paid in my home town including airfare and the stay at the hotel. If I ever need medical attention again I would not think twice about going back to BajaOrtho again.
—  Richard Barton (Norwich, New York USA – Total Hip Replacement)

I went there in May 2015 for Ozone treatment and everything has gone as planned. The whole staff at the clinic were outstanding and the treatment so far beats what they wanted to do here in the US! I wish I had gone there 3 years ago instead getting passed from DR to DR here! Dave will take good care of you!
—  Fred Loehr (Rio Rancho, New Mexico USA – Ozone Discolysis)