• Why Us?

    We understand that getting medical care abroad can be a scary process.

    Traveling to a foreign location and putting your health on other people’s hands is never an easy decision. Because of this we are committed to providing you with all available information to allow you to make the best decision possible for your specific case.

    We also are proud to be led by a management team that has years of experience in the health care industry and is focused solely on the health and wellbeing of our patients.

    Why Us?

    Clinical and Management Team
    The executive team at BajaOrtho is American based and most of the administrative staff speak English. Our management team has experience ranging from work in the American health care system with health plans, hospitals and clinics, to work in multi-national organizations spanning Southeast Asia, Oceania, Latin America and Europe. Our surgical team has a combined experience of over 50,000 surgeries. We have an intimate understanding of how health care works both from the operational and medical perspectives.

    The Experience
    We are a family owned practice with an emphasis on personalized patient-focused medicine. We invite you to be a guest in our clinic and hope that you truly feel at home with us.

    The first thing you’ll notice is the amount of attention you’ll receive. Mexican culture is known for its love and warmth, and it permeates throughout the entire organization. Believe it or not, you will actually get to sit and talk with your surgeon and the entire team during your stay with us!

    At BajaOrtho, we pride ourselves in the level of attention and care with which we treat all of our guests; we firmly believe that having an enjoyable experience is a first step to your recovery.

    Proximity to USA
    If you happen to be from the States, you’ll be glad to know that Tijuana is right next to the US border. No need to take a 20+ hour journey to South East Asia. Tijuana, Mexico is located within a 30 minute drive from San Diego International Airport; and if you live close (or just like to drive!) you can cross the border from San Diego by car, and even by foot!

    Innovations and performance excellence
    At BajaOrtho we are firm believers in continuous quality improvement. Our staff is currently undergoing cross-functional training on the latest quality improvement tools and methodologies. We are implementing a world-class performance excellence program that will ensure that you receive the best possible care and experience.

    Additionally, we are continuously looking to mirror our clinical processes to the international standards set by the World Health Organization, and by international accreditation bodies such as Joint Commission International.

  • What to Expect


    The BajaOrtho team is committed to providing our patients with the most rewarding medical tourism experience. Our patients only need to worry about getting to their departing flight on time and we will take care of the rest. As such, all of our packages include transportation service to and from the San Diego or Tijuana International Airport and to and from our facilities.

    What should I bring?
    All your positive energy, some changes of clothes, and your passport. Depending on where you are coming from, you may need a Visa. But don’t worry – we’ll guide you throughout the entire process.

    What is the experience like?
    Having an enjoyable experience is the first step to your recovery. Our company culture and our highly trained team members will ensure that you and your friends/family have everything you need. Additionally, we highly encourage you to engage in tourism activities within what is recommended by your surgeon. Tijuana is well known for its cuisine, and Rosarito and Ensanada are within a 45 minute drive from Tijuana. Our experienced staff can assist you in the planning of any of any activity in the region.

    During your hospital/clinic stay

    We want you to be in touch with your loved ones back home. You will have Wi-Fi access throughout our clinic and if you have a US cell phone, because of our proximity to the border you will probably have American signal. You could also buy pre-paid calling cards from your home country or here in Mexico. If you have a phone that will allow it, you could also purchase SIM cards that will give you calling minutes and data.

    Additionally, our staff speaks English so you will have no problem communicating with them and will be able to assist you in anything you may need.

    Our recovery rooms will make you feel like you’re in a guesthouse. They are equipped with a bedside room light, individual cable television with English channels and a guest couch.

    What kind of care will I receive after my surgery?
    At BajaOrtho we are striving to make your care experience with us the same, if not better, than what you would receive at home. If your surgery requires an overnight stay at the clinic, you will be taken to the recovery room for monitoring. We pride ourselves in patient-focused highly personalized care and will be by your side the entire time. The surgeon and nurses will constantly be checking in on you to make sure you have the best experience possible. If needed, rehabilitation therapy will also be available if you’ve undergone a procedure that requires scheduled therapy.

    What paperwork should I take when I leave the hospital?
    We will give you all paperwork from your visit, including any prescriptions and instructions, a receipt, and a written diagnostic from your visit. We are also happy to provide a copy of the medical record if you request.

    Going Back Home

    Will rehabilitation therapy be included in my medical tourism procedure package?
    If your condition requires physiotherapy after surgery, and you are to stay longer, we can do your rehab at no additional cost. If going back home we will provide you with instructions for your local physiotherapist.

    What are the risks of flying after surgery?
    The major risks of flying after surgery are deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism. Because of this we recommend our patents to take travel distance into consideration when choosing a medical provider. Our surgeons will work with you to minimize these risks and increase the success of your recovery.

    Can I speak to my international provider after I come home?
    Absolutely! We would like to stay in contact with you throughout your entire experience, including when you get home. We are happy to discuss your progress with you and your primary care physician at home.