• What is Medical Tourism?

    Medical tourism refers to the process where individuals travel from their home country to another country for the purposes of receiving medical care.

    Medical tourism has been around for many years, and ranges from services such as yearly physicals and dental check-ups, all the way to complex procedures such as open-heart surgery. Many individuals turn to Medical Tourism as a way to avoid high costs for procedures or to avoid long wait times. In fact, many of our patients turn the whole experience into a vacation. Here at BajaOrtho, we are re-inventing the medical tourism experience to be more of a whole body vacation instead of just a medical transaction.

    According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, up to 900,000 Americans travel abroad each year for healthcare. Mexico is currently the second biggest country for medical tourism in the world.

  • Pros and Cons


    Affordable health care Costs in medical tourism is significantly cheaper than in more developed economies like the United States, Canada, Europe, etc. These savings can be as much as 80% depending on the procedure required. There are a multitude of reasons why healthcare is cheaper here, but quality is certainly not one of them. A good portion of health care costs in the U.S. are tied up with administrative costs and insurance costs. Additionally, the high costs of pharmaceuticals and medical equipment add to the overall picture.

    Here are some other reasons why the costs are lower here in in Tijuana:

    • Lower cost of labor
    • Lower real estate values
    • Lower construction costs
    • Cheaper medical supplies/equipment/medications
    • Less bureaucracy

    Care when YOU need it Short, if any, wait times. No need to wait if you are in pain and need a procedure done. Wait times are nonexistent – the only time you will need to wait will be the time it takes you to come to Tijuana!

    Patient focused personalized medicine We practice patient centered medicine and firmly believe that you and your family should be 100% involved in the care and treatment process. At BajaOrtho, you will experience medicine like you probably haven’t before – our team of experienced nurses and administration will be with you the entire way, and you’ll receive as much or as little attention as you desire. By the time you leave, you will have gained a new family at BajaOrtho!

    Less red-tape There are no needs for prior authorizations or any loopholes that need to be jumped through in order to receive care. Paperwork, insurance claims and other administrative hassles can be a full-time job when you're awaiting a procedure. If you're very sick or simply lead a busy life, this red tape can take its toll.

    Vacation! Let us not forget about that fact that you will be traveling to a different country for your care. Here at BajaOrtho, we are working to reinvent the concept of Medical Tourism and remind you that healing is a body and mind experience. While you may be coming for a surgical procedure, we want you to enjoy yourself too. Partake in Tijuana’s famous street Taco scene, or indulge in one of Tijuana’s every evolving foodie scene.


    Quality & Safety Rightfully so, the number one concern about medical tourism patients is the quality and safety of the locations where they are going. Third world countries often times have standards of living that may be lower than the United States, Canada and/or Europe. Nonetheless, many clinics and hospitals around the world adhere to international quality and safety standards, and BajaOrtho is one of them. Our patient safety processes are modeled off of those recommended by the World Health Organization and we are continually assessing and improving our processes to match those set by international accreditation bodies.

    Additionally, our surgical team has over 32 years of experience and has performed over 50,000 procedures. Dr. Mora is also an active members of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. You can find more information about out medical team here.

    Travel after surgery Another major concern with medical tourism is the fact that you will need to travel shortly after surgery. Each situation is unique and when planning your visit, we will work with you to make sure that you are aware of any travel risks associated with you procedure.

    That being said, a significant benefit of BajaOrtho is its proximity to the United States and Canada. No need to take a 20+ hour journey to South East Asia – Tijuana, Mexico is located within a 30 minute drive from San Diego International Airport; and if you live close (or just like to drive!) you can cross the border from San Diego by car and even by foot!

    Follow-up At BajaOrtho we are firm believers in the maintenance and management of the continuum of care. Care coordination across all of your providers is paramount to your health. While we would be delighted for you come back to visit us for your follow up appointment, we can work with your home physician to make sure they get a full recap of your procedure and any next steps that we recommend.